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... allows you to make the most of the time your team has together

to capitalize on its strengths and experiences

to reach the gathering's objectives!

As facilitators, we are objective, reflective, interpretive, and decisive to ensure quality/efficacy in the process.

We contribute dynamism, creativity, and expert group learning strategies to guarantee maximum engagement with

and mastery of the content.

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Why invest in a facilitator?

Process Support to meet your objectives

Convening is costly!  Every minute in a meeting, workshop, or training space is a precious investment of the participants' time, talent, and energy, as well as the organization's resources.  It should contribute to the organization's immediate goals and also to its continual growth as a high-performing team!

Great conversations and learning are created! They don't just appear out of nowhere when you need them.  Your team has the content expertise; I bring the process expertise.  You know what you want to share, learn, accomplish; I can help you design the best way to share so all will understand, learn in a way that builds insights and informs actions, and accomplish your tasks and goals with efficiency and satisfaction.  Asking a leader to play this role is not only asking them to take on a role for which they have not been trained, but also asking them to compromise their full participation - which is incredibly valuable to the organization!


What does a facilitator do?

Levels of Support

DesignThe facilitator acts as an architect of the agenda, to make the sessions and days flow smoothely and logically.  I will work with your team to design an agenda that is efficient, effective, and enjoyable.

DeliveryThe facilitator also plays the role of coordinator, to survey that all the required parts, from lunch to leadership, are prepared and ready.  The facilitator also acts as a navigator toward the objectives, to check that all efforts are aligned in the right direction.  I will work with your team to clarify the boundaries of my facilitation and co-facilitation, and to ensure that my presence and voice add value to your team.

Mediation, Reflection, and ActionThe facilitator acts as a conductor of the conversation, to ensure the right mix of voices are heard and highlighted.  The facilitator acts as a reflection, to give those inside the process an idea of what it looks like from the outside.  The facilitator can also take on the role of a coach, to motivate forward and turn insights into action.  I will work with your team to identify areas that will benefit from more active mediation and reflection, and I will co-design final sessions that review and motivate toward post-gathering action.

What happens without a facilitator?

We've all been to these events!  Without a facilitator, single voices can dominate the conversation, leaving many valuable ideas and insights unheard.  Small but spiraling concerns can take time away from important objectives.  Participants can disengage from exchanges as they lose energy, confidence in the process, a sense of contribution.  The various parts that need to come together for a day together are misaligned and messy, costing the team time, energy, and frustration.


Invest in the efficiency and efficacy of your gatherings by engaging a facilitator!

Strategic Facilitation

For more details on designing the perfect collaboration with your organization, please e-mail us:
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