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Two company executives were discussing just how much they should invest in their employees' learning.  What exactly would be their return on investment for all the time and energy spent coaching, mentoring, training, discussing?  Would it be worth it?

One exec said that no, it would surely be a waste.  "What if we invest so much in our employees' learning, they gain all of these skills, and then they leave?  That would be horrible!"

The second exec spoke up quickly: "What would be worse is if we don't invest in their learning and they stay!"


* * * * *

Investing in people is crucial to success.  I aim to serve organizations whose leaders are prioritizing the learning of their team members.

I am especially dedicated to making small and medium-size non-profit organizations stronger and more effective.


These organizations all too often lack the capacity to prioritize learning.  As a former non-profit project manager in West Africa, I understand the many challenges they face: operating with limited resources, managing and growing complicated partnerships, and responding to the very real and urgent needs of stakeholders and beneficiaries.  I still insist that the key to overcoming these challenges and significantly increasing an organization's effectiveness is to prioritize its staff.  Non-profits that have a thriving organizational learning environment are adept at recruiting, developing, and collaborating with the talented team members that guarantee success.

I believe that the workplace is a formidable place to learn.  We spend the bulk of the productive hours of each day at work.  We are exposed to so many new things and constantly confronted with new tasks.  We are called to work independently, in small groups, in large groups, sometimes with no supervision or guidance and sometimes with intense support and instruction.  We are also required to perform at an ever-increasing level, and our success is measured in many ways.  This is an intensely rich learning environment!  If we can learn how to learn at work, then work becomes the place where we can experience personal and professional growth on a daily basis.


Wouldn't you be eager to go to that place every morning?


I am an organizational learning professional with more than 10 years' experience leading teams, designing and delivering training programs, managing international projects, and piloting partnerships.  I ensure that teams thrive in challenging environments by designing for learning in a way that leverages creativity, collaboration, and a sense of purpose.  I get things done - by enabling and supporting a capable and driven team.


I am a lifelong learner.  I have a Master's degree in Learning & Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Global Cultures from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200-hours certification from Rishikesh, India.  I am fluent in English, French, and Wolof, and I am nobly struggling to improve my Spanish.  I am disastrous at surfing, gardening, and grilling.  My minor superpowers are detecting French oak-aged wines, McGuyvering with binder clips, and cooking with leftovers.

Since June, I have been Designing for Learning by Travelling.  I will spend the next handful of months exploring Asia and Latin America, intensely learning and reflecting every day, and meeting with dynamic organizations that are eager to improve their teams' learning.


Leveraging my experience, education, and insights, I lead organizations in their development as places of intense learning and high performance.

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