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... allow your team leaders and members to focus on improving their approach to work

in a way that is thought-provoking, results-oriented, and enjoyable!

As workshop leaders, we are knowledgeable, receptive, and adaptive to ensure that your teams thrive and learn together .

We contribute experience in the field, passion for improved practice, and expert group learning strategies to ensure that your teams have the motivation and dedication to apply what they learned as soon as they leave the workshop

Workshop Menu

Classic Workshops

These workshops are classic formats that can be adapted to your organization's punctual needs.

Project Development and

Action Planning

Your team needs to develop a project, write a proposal, or put together a new action plan.  Hear everyone's voices, enjoy the process, and also get it done!

Team Communications and

Problem-Solving Skills

Your workplace moves quickly; your team needs to learn how to communicate and problem-solve to keep up with the VUCA environment.  Explore and build team-level skills for better exchanges and action!


Your team is new or recomposed, and you agree that it's important to get to know those with whom you'll be spending half of your waking hours!

Field Enumerator Skills-Building

Your team of a few dozen or a few hundred will be heading to the field to conduct household surveys.  Reading the questionnaire is not the only skill they need to master to collect quality data in an efficient and effective way!

Specialty Workshops

These workshops are designed by Sarah, based on observations of where organizations need the most support

in order to become high-performing and high-impact teams.


Each workshop is:

  • Grounded in research and experience

  • Rooted in pragmatism and practicality

  • Designed for intellectual and practical growth

  • Interactive and team-oriented

  • Reaching toward better practice and performance

21st Century Secretary

Most of us don't have a personal secretary these days.  We are expected to take our own notes, write our own reports, manage our calendars and expenses, schedule and reschedule our meetings - it's exhausting!  How can 21st century tools support us in being the most efficient in these daily and time-sucking tasks?

Leadership "Untrained"

Leadership over space, time, and task is no longer total and continual, but is instead in constant flux - or at least, it is in successful teams.  We have project-based teams, young leaders-in-training, near-flat organizations, and more.  It's time to start training leaders for what they need to be in this complex and evolving environment!

... Workshops In Construction...

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Coaching Conversations for Managers

Negotiations as a Framework for Life

Thriving In and Through Uncertainty

Efficacy Through Technology


What happens without a workshop?

The team stagnates.  New habits and skills are not developed.  True importance is not given to crucial skills that could turn this group of people into a high-performing team, and so any small efforts to build and reinforce these skills go unnoticed and unsustained.

Invest in the growth of your high-potential team by attending a workshop!


For more details on designing the perfect collaboration with your organization, please e-mail us:
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