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Our Services

Event Design & Facilitation

From getting clear on your event objectives, to co-designing an agenda that is engaging, efficient, and effective, we will ensure that your efforts to bring people together pay off!

We leverage creative and participatory methods, tailoring them to your needs and your participants' styles and comfort levels. And we set reasonable and achievable expectations, and keep you on track during the event itself.

We specialize in ...:

  • learning meetings

  • co-creation workshops

  • research-to-practice conferences

  • multilingual and multistakeholder gatherings

Training Design & Support

You have a training to deliver. You likely even have the content expertise. But do you have the process expertise to design and deliver a training that is both impactful and enjoyable?

We help you to design in-person and virtual trainings that are informed by proven pedagogical methods. From outlining content to creating user-friendly materials, we partner with you to best leverage and share your expertise with those who need it most!

Leadership Coaching

Offer your non-profit leaders a way to accelerate their growth! From goal-setting and planning to searching for new insights and perspectives, your leaders will move from reflection to action in each coaching session.

We specialize in coaching NPO middle managers, as they work to become the directors, C-suite members, and exemplary leaders of tomorrow.


Mosts often, your teams don't lack ideas or information! Maybe your brainstorming sessions are even Category 5 storms... But can you catch that water in buckets and funnel it to where it needs to go? Can you go from ideas to first steps, from lessons to application, from vision to mission and actions?

We provide "sensemaking" services. We catch ideas and information through conversations, existing resources, and more, and then we organize these into dynamic documentation (think, a well-curated and editable whiteboard). Finally, we improve and enrich that dynamic documentation with your help, filling in holes and asking critical questions, so you have a concrete written product, of your team's brilliance, to guide you forward.

Learning Accompaniment

We might wear a "fractional CLO" hat, or work with your L&D team to design and prepare to deliver new projects, or focus on a specific learning goal or challenge.

We provide strategic, experienced, creative, and tangible learning support, to help your organization foster and further a culture of continuous learning. And to ensure that your teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive while supporting your organization's vision and mission.

Empowering and Equipping Non-Profits for
Learning-Driven Impact

Meet Sarah

Sarah Nehrling is a bilingual (English/French) organizational learning specialist. She consults with non-profit organizations, international organizations, and universities around the world, providing learning support as a facilitator, trainer, and ICF-certified coach.

Much of Sarah’s work focuses on designing large, multi-stakeholder international events in Africa that engage participants in action-focused learning processes, from facilitating the co-creation of a resilience project in Mali, to hosting a research-to-practice conference on cash transfers in Tanzania, to leading a hybrid learning exchange for an international consortium on nutrition.

Sarah has also acted as a "fractional CLO" for a few mid-sized non-profits, leading learning efforts in collaboration with the 


She holds a Master’s degree in Learning and Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a degree in organizational coaching from the University of British Columbia.


Past and Current Clients


What Sarah's collaborators say...

She has helped my team to put together a comprehensive online training providing formidable advice and inputs on the methodological aspect, the detailed agenda, and delivery.

Sarah can facilitate complex audiences and workshops very effectively and in multiple languages. She is the most focused facilitator I have seen in action!

Clara Mi Young Park,

Senior Gender Officer, FAO

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